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Thread: New th10 looking for a new home

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    New th10 looking for a new home

    Hi Im looking for a very active clan that donates and is decent at war

    My tag is #RRCP0UP8 if you wanna send me an invite or look at my base
    -----Low TH9 GeoCam13 Level 95-----

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    We are looking for adults 18+ that are active. Th's 6-th10 non rushed bases that are loyal and does not take advantage of donations. No drama friendly fun clan that takes wars seriously. We will be doing 5 vs 5 until we are able to get more better players in the clan.
    The name of the clan is
    the clan id
    the banner is black and white
    the leader name is apex yurok252$
    if interested private message or send a invite in game saying "seen in forum"

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    we have three clans with over 60 members and an active Discord server.

    You could join the third clan I'm building for lower town halls. An english-speaking adult clan with 17 members and 10v10 wars at the moment, Crystal League III and level 4. It's called Mini Tears. #20CL8PLV0

    You would have to show in a few FCs that you can 3 star a th10 since your heroes are a bit low.

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    Our group consists of 4 clans:

    1. SpiralStaircase #JUG8ULVR (friendly war clan) Level 14 clan Recruiting th10 and up, currently in crystal league 1

    2. Staircase2 #RQRG82R2 (relaxed, friendly war clan and learning clan) Level 10 clan All townhall levels welcome, currently Gold league 1

    Stairwell #29YLJ29RY (brand new friendly war clan) Level 2 clan accepting th9 and lower only currently silver league 1

    4. Do’URden #222LRQQ8Q (Sleeper clan, for extended periods of inactivity)

    What you can expect in our clans:

    • Active, friendly clans covering most time zones (international clans)
    • A strong sense of teamwork
    • A solid leadership team
    • A respectable war log
    • The final tier reached each time in clan games
    • Frequent friendly challenges, tips and advice as you would like, to improve your strategy
    • War 3 times a week
    • Organised war, with plans sent in clan mail
    • Interclan events
    • Optional communication app 'band' to support communication across the clans, improve strategy and general chat, news and update sharing.

    What the clans expect:

    • All members to use both attacks if opted into war and to follow war plans
    • Members to donate where able and to respect the request
    • Friendly advice, chat in the clan, no use of bad language
    • Non rushed bases
    • No drama
    • Give each war attack your best shot, taking cc troops and war troops to attack, heroes ready to go (opt out of war when heroes upgrading)
    • Contribute to clan games to help us reach the final tier each event
    • Promotions are earned.

    If you would like to be a part of our clans request to join stating you are from the forum in your request. We look forward to welcoming you to our clan family!

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    Were a new clan with a very positive war record. Were called clan of waz. Join if youd like. The leader is destroyer (me). Contact me here, join, or on discord @ME#4241

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    Recruting: F3ar usa lvl 12 war clan


    #What do we look for?

    ⚡Th9 - Th12⚡

    ⚡Adult only⚡

    ⚡War participants⚡

    ⚡Great people willing to learn and coach⚡

    ⚡Clan activity⚡

    #What's in it for you?

    ⚔War wins⚔

    ⚔Adult Clanmates⚔

    ⚔War Leagues include all players⚔

    ⚔Constant activity⚔

    ⚔No required donation ratio⚔
    (Request must be filled still)

    ⚔An active and organized discord server⚔

    ⚔Wars of 30+⚔

    ⚔Fair play clan⚔

    ⚔Participate in as many events as you want⚔

    ⚔Relaxed atmosphere with no drama⚔

    ⚔Always complete Clan Games⚔


    Join our server:

    ⚔F3AR USA #2JG0U82V⚔
    ⚔The Family Circle Alliance⚔

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    We are always looking for help. Casual relaxed clan with a good war record imho. Hope to hear from you

    Clan: All Team ~ Lvl 12 ~ International ~ Adults

    TH 12 Heros: 60/60/30 #98828QPC9; War stars
    TH11 Heros: 41/45/19 #8VU92JY2J; War stars 1354
    TH11 Heros: 41/50/20 #90YJUV090; War stars 1299
    TH12 Heros 25/29/14 #9GYQOQCR8; War stars 1005;
    TH10s - 2; TH9s - a few
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