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Thread: CDO Royal Army. TH9 and under clan recruiting for Clan Wars 3X a week.

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    Cool CDO Royal Army. TH9 and under clan recruiting for Clan Wars 3X a week.

    CDO Royal Army #YURURPGL Level 13 280 wins 140 losses 6 draws

    What we offer:
    • Maxed level troops for war
    • High level troops for farming from active leaders
    • Advice on base-building, 3star attack strategies, farming strategies, pushing strategies and upgrade priorities.
    • Opportunity for TH9s to be a big fish in a small pond.
    • Opportunities for fair earned promotions. We are actively looking for active elders and co-leaders but you will have to work for these promotions.
    • No required chat app downloads though it is heavily encouraged. If you want to be a co-leader then this will be required.

    What we require:
    • Using both attacks in clan wars win or lose in compliance with strategy sent in clan mail. If the map is clear we require you to use attacks anyway.
    • Donations. We do not monitor your donation ratio however if we see 0 donations near the end of the season you will be warned and kicked on the second offense.
    • Average of 1000 points per account in clan games.
    • We welcome players with little war experience but require them to practice and therefor improve so they can contribute in clan wars. If a couple wars go by and we haven't seen improvement, you will be kicked.
    • Anti 3 star base designs for war. We have bases that you can copy for most TH levels. We do not allow the use of internet bases or generic compact bases that are easy to 3 star with generic attacks like goho and dragons.You will have chances to change your base but if you don't, you will be kicked.

    About our clan:
    We are not the chattiest clan. Most of our wars end with 100% destruction and we win much more often than not. Our first priority is performing well in clan wars. We are understanding of people who are new to the game and their learning curve and we assign bases accordingly. Last but not least, we don't give a f*** about bad language as long as you're mature and treat others with respect.

    Kickable offenses: Some of these may come with warnings some may not.
    • Not using both attacks in clan wars.
    • Combination of limited attacking skill AND unwillingness to practice and watch videos to improve.
    • Failure to contribute 1000 points per account toward clan games.
    • Impatiently demanding expensive troops when they are not for war.
    • General impolite behavior. People disagree and our co-leaders will make mistakes so do say something if there is a problem but do so like a respectful adult.

    How to join:
    1. Contact me on LINE: patryk.smith or Discord: KeizerSoze #2804
    2. Join the clan and mention the forum in your request just in case we're in the middle of a tough war.

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    13 perfect wars in a row. Only 2 of those were a draw. We're still undefeated since our re-establishment. Only 6 slots left for 3 star attackers.

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