CO-OP NAME: Friends of Sunny Grove (Purple background with a dove)

Co-op rules as follows:
1. Be respectful of other members.
2. If you know your not going to race, you must OPT OUT of the regatta for the week. If we notice you have not been on and don't opt out, we will do it for you but you can definatly rejoin when ready.
3. Please help when you can! We all help each other when we can, and appreciate you helping too!
4. Have fun...


Currently we are at 13 members, but not all are active players and that's ok! We know life gets busy and it's fine if you can not play every week! Currently we do not have any regatta rules as far as number of tasks required, or points for tasks. However, we do ask that you opt out of the race for the week if your not going to play. That keeps it fair for the ones who are putting in the effort for regatta tasks. We will opt you out if we notice you have not been on to play, but absolutly can rejoin the race when your able! We do race weekly and are currently in the silver league.🏆 It fluctuates with the number of players that week and that's one reason why we are looking for active players! We are not an overly chatty group, but will chat. It's overall a laid back group that are having fun while helping each other. Any other changes that are decided will be discussed among active players. You can currently just join, but will switch to "by request" if need be.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you soon!😄