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    Quote Originally Posted by Pluribus View Post
    It says knock out "any hero 20 times." To me that means a single hero (queen, king or warden). Admittedly I have no proof because I can't find a base to attack.
    I agree with your interpretation. What they should have said is ‘achieve 20 hero knockouts in multiplayer’ which is how it’s working. You can get 3 per attack. Builders base does not appear to count btw.

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    Well, get comfy. Clan games and last week of the season coming up...

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    today havent been able to attack and im only at 5098 anyone else??

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    Quote Originally Posted by aTh View Post
    today havent been able to attack and im only at 5098 anyone else??
    I am at 5500 and only finding clouds of about 20mins today so its odd to hear you arent getting offers at 5100

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    Still searching for the hog rider in BB...
    I've been able to attack several times at around 5050-70. Hasn't been taking longer than 20 min

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    I have no issues with my max 12 but I also don't play in a league known to have issues especially when there are special events that will occur several times a month.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AxsMan View Post
    I agree with your interpretation. What they should have said is achieve 20 hero knockouts in multiplayer which is how its working. You can get 3 per attack. Builders base does not appear to count btw.
    Thanks, yes I see that now. I finally got an attack in.

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    I know its not a cloud fix, but if your looking for practice there are a couple fc clans out there. They are usually pretty active.
    Quote Originally Posted by Corgzilla View Post
    Yes, I am venting, but the waiting game is getting old for this old guy....

    I have a maxed TH12 and a boatload of excess loot from wars and other rewards, but legends search time at 5500 trophies makes the game unplayable. I can start searches and just let the device sit for hours and am lucky to get a couple attacks per day. I don't care about or need loot, but I would like to practice attacks outside FCs. oBS can't get here fast enough. Could we just have a button to drop 500 trophies at a time?

    Anyone else hitting this wall?

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    its gonna be even worse during next week. (clan games)

    seems its almost unplayable most of the time...
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    Heck, I'm in mid Titan 2 and I'm reading the forum while looking for a base. I can't imagine staying in the clouds for hours. No way I would do that. I nexted once, I hope the next base has enough dark to make it worth my while.

    It's usually not this bad, especially at this time of day. Even had time to come back and edit the post.

    Wondering if it's broke and I really lost connection and my tablet doesn't know it.

    Nope, not broke, I hit return home just to check then came back to edit again while in the darkness.

    One more edit. I had 25 minutes of troop boost left when I started searching and after I found a base it was gone. I nexted only once. 4590 trophies. That's just too long. Oh well, hopefully Project Blue Skies will fix it. Then I can go to legends, well, maybe. It's 3:30pm in the Philippines. This is usually when not many people are online. Between 2 and 6 pm are the only times I raid/farm on this base.
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