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    Update Idea for Upgrades + Gems

    I always thought that upgrading things took way too long and sometimes became less enjoyable, but thats also because i am a slight bit impatient. i think it would be a great idea that you could use not just one builder, but two builders for an upgrade to make the process go faster. Using Gems for a second builder on the same upgrade is a grand idea since it forces people to buy more gems if they want the process to go faster. OR only for specific upgrades that take the longest such as, Town Halls. No more than 2 to one upgrade, i feel like more than that would make everything go too fast. And since buying more builders cost more gems, some people may have to buy more gems to buy builders or wait til they gain enough from bushes and the gem mine.
    So an example would be:
    One builder is upgrading a town hall. Having a second one upgrade the town hall making the process maybe an hour or two faster or maybe even more.

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    Hello and welcome to the forum,

    using multiple builders on a single upgrade is ruled out. Please read the sticky threads at the top of each subforum before posting.


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