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    Like if u do 2800 points thn ur extra reward is of 10 gems

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumitkumarilun4545ilun View Post
    Sc has to give some extra reward after u reach to 2600 as per your extra 100 points u r rewarded with 5 gems
    Why do they 'have' to? They marked the end of the line. You can see the last reward clearly from day 1 on. They don't 'have' to give you any more reward. They don't even have to provide a silverpass, yet they decided to give away free ressources and books for the masses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumitkumarilun4545ilun View Post
    Sc has to give some extra reward after u reach to 2600 as per your extra 100 points u r rewarded with 5 gems
    There is absolutely no reason whatsoever why they should, never mind "have to".

    In fact it would be outright WRONG of them to do so, given that they have deliberately and consciously set it up so that you can get all rewards without needing to complete anywhere near all challenges.

    Even then, people are complaining about the ones they cannot do - can you imagine the storms of outrage if ones you couldn't do actually prevented you getting some reward?
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    Not every achievement has a gem reward, does it? (Seriously haven’t kept track.) Regardless, if it does, some would just get it faster than others (as always), but that doesn’t stop others from going for it.

    Like clan games, where the max points per player is 4000, if your last task takes you over 4000 it doesn’t count towards the clan totals or extra rewards, but it *is recorded in your personal achievements on your profile, which is fun to keep track of. Someone with 50 points in the games is going to take longer to get the achievement than someone who gets 4000+ every time, but they’ll still get it.

    So can’t they do the same for season’s challenges, and separately record the total points earned by completing tasks (including those completed after maxing rewards), in the achievement on a profile? Gemming to the next reward wouldn’t count for the achievement, since it isn’t a “completed task”.


    The only downside I can see is some increased squabbles or stress in clans like mine if people want to be included in war to get those points for the achievement, but they otherwise aren’t ready/eligible for war. (New town hall, heroes or spells down, etc.). Or people could be tempted to attack twice early on to grab six stars for the achievements before someone else can get in, instead of following a war plan. It could be yet another source of potential conflict between some individuals’ goals and the clans’ goals. I do hope there aren’t more war-related challenges, or that they don’t come up every season. It’s too much to consider and makes the whole logistics a nightmare, trying to send in a roster that has a decent/good chance of winning vs. “including everyone” and keeping track of how many stars everyone has and building war rosters around that. :/ Creates a sort of “us” vs “them” between competitive and casual players.

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