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Thread: Neighborhood search

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    Neighborhood search

    Looking to join an active neighborhood

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    Hi there, what is your level?

    🌾🌾🌾Amber Waves of Hay🌾🌾🌾

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    Can u give us more info, level , how active chatty, not, time zone etc ��

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    Hey rainforunow,

    if you are still searching. We are
    Kitty Corner, logo red heart with cat inside.

    A group of cat lovers. Friendly, helpful and active derby players. Seeking active players that love the derby tasks.

    Level 20 to join
    Champions League
    Language : English

    Tag #P8RQOLCO

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    Hi!If u still looking for neighbourhood come join Meadowgrove.Logo is purple with a blue cow inside.It is a brand new neighbourhood

    Level 10 to join in
    Language english

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