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Thread: Is it time to change the farming system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phreezy View Post
    This would only make clashers have the need to stay on the game longer before they can progress quickly.
    People work 7 - 10 jobs and will not be able to spend much time on their Family, talk more of an addictive game. There's a reason they call it "Farming", basically means what u're spending must be more than what u're gaining.

    If u ever want to push, u use high cost DE & elixir troops. It'll definitely take u higher in trophies but it's unlikely to give u loots.
    You seriously don't need to use DE troops to push, you can push very effectively with cheaper troops and you can still get plenty of loots.

    Funny thing about the OP's view on the game. Hangs out in crystal farming with miners looking for abandoned bases. He want to lower the loot cap and increase the win bonus. It strike me that he just hasn't tried to experience the game at a higher level.

    I am in Titan 1 farming with a cheap miner setup, doing exactly what he is doing except I don't need to find abandoned bases because there is so much loot anyway plus I get the massive win bonus he wants on top of it. I have only "farmed" half the gold he has but probably earned a lot more simply from the bonuses.

    The so called "farming system" is self imposed by the OP, so he is welcome to change it. The game doesn't need to to change to accommodate this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BDplayer67 View Post
    I person love that clash offers so many different play-styles, but what I’m saying is at the moment the place where you can progress the fastest for th10+ is crystal and it’s by quite a lot. Ive played on my friends account who’s in titan 2 and the loot u get in an hour is much less. The army I use takes 16min to train, cost 280k elixir. So in an hour with boost I can get around 6mil gold +3mil elixir +25k DE including army cost.

    If you boost in titan however u can’t get near that. All I’m trying to say is the more competitive leagues don’t reward as well, when you’d imagine the hardest league would reward you the most, and that’s not even including the fact that u get raided far less in crystal too.
    Yes, you are correct. Because of the many dead bases in low league, it's indeed faster to farm there.

    But at a certain point, the bottleneck is not loot, it's builder time.
    As long as you can make all 5 builders active, it doesn't matter how fast you can loot, you are already progressing as fast as you can.

    With 14 days upgrade time, you don't really need loot that fast.
    Without boost, i could get 12M Gold in a day in Titan 3, which is far too much than necessary..
    DE is around 2 to 3 days to get to 240K in Titan 3.
    This is with less nexting and offline most of the time waiting for troops to cook.

    Yes, you can get more loot faster in low league, but it's really not necessary.

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    I understand where youíre coming from OP but one of the things I like about farming is that you can find loot in any league and play in many different ways. We shouldnít mess with a system that currently works fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BDplayer67 View Post
    Iím just about to reach 2billion gold & elixir raided and have played clash for nearly 4 years, but have still never once been up to champions league. I spend the majority of my time in crystal league farming dead bases, along with many other th11 & th12.

    Im wondering if its time to rebalance the looting system? At the moment I can just spam miners and a couple heal spells and typically get 400k-600k gold & elixir + 2k DE using an army that cost 280k elixir.
    Would it not make sense to reduce the amount of loot available in an attack and increase the league bonus to incentivize people to try and trophy push? I just think it would be cool to trophy push and use proper armies without feeling like Iím missing out by doing so.

    And why you want a new system? Miner spam it's the best farm strategy and...after that.... after you full your de storage you can use a lavaloon army for farming elixir....simply and easy

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    honestly, i think OP is like that because he isnt a very active player. i mean, 2b loot after 4 years? ive gotten to 1.5 after just 1
    im guessing thats why he feels like hes missing out, he doesnt have the time to push and farm at the same time, or he doesnt know how to

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterEdy View Post
    No, you donít and thatís the beauty of higher leagues - you can hit average loot base and the rest will come from the bonuses.

    Moreover, youíll learn how to attack properly faster.
    I think many T1 troop using clashers miss this point. I feel like they get boxed into this so called 'efficiency theory' mashing pumps and pillaging Zombies for fast loots with good ROI.

    IME its pretty much the same bases every league -higher, there is obviously more active atmosphere; and therefore less zombie loot to go around, and more maxed, or near max bases- but and Eddy said the bonuses balance that out. I will echo: the same bases exist in every league from my experience depending on how long you can afford to search. at least under Titan1. from there up its mainly maxed TH12 with some mid level 12 and some 11s and 10s sprinkled in.

    so I choose to let the bonuses work for me and use higher cost armies. time is a factor; I cant sit for hours on end clashing with my other duties in RL. so high lg makes more sense for ME. I can cook and army do my things offline and get on and mash for 5 min or under. fits my lifestyle more than 2-3 hr binge sessions (maybe boosted for all or part of it).

    higher league looting is every bit as good as those low league mash-fest-marathons. and at the end of the day if it keeps the builders busy and the lab lights on, its good. no matter what badge the league bears. or what bonuses are associated with it. everyone's Milage Varies bases on the 'model they drive'.

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    IMO I can't imagine playing this game for 4 years and farming the same league, using the same army looking for dead bases.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesHowlet View Post
    IMO I can't imagine playing this game for 4 years and farming the same league, using the same army looking for dead bases.
    Word. Smell the roses already! there is a ton of variety in army and base architecture.

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    I'm very pleased with the current loot situation. In early 2016 it was terrible and people were quitting left and right, and supercell made the conscious choice to increase loot (and decrease losses, with the introduction of the loot cart) to improve the player experience. Now it wouldn't surprise me if they make more money from people gemming builders free than they did from people gemming resources.

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    i roam from masters to crystal. i dont purposely drop(unless my defense pushes me to champs if im inactive) as it wastes time but i dont care to push so il naturally come down in an hr of raiding.

    my army routine when raiding DE - 4 healers,2-3 giants,10-15 gobs,10-15 archs, 5-7 wbs, and the DE storage is taken.
    i raid dead bases but i also raid weak bases with storage reachable to queen.

    army when raiding elixir/gold - 30 gobs 5 giants on outside collectors. king/queen/warden on remaining collectors and hit their ability and end battle so heroes remain full health. if collectors are inside walls and the base has over 400k each, then i use 4 healers and walk the queen around base without ADs hitting her. and if an AD is close to hit her, i use 2-3 wbs to let her in & take out the AD.

    been using same composition since th9 & even now in th12 and it has served me well. a bit more nexts if you are ath12 but still way more efficient for me to even think about anything else.

    i only use training boost when my queen dies. could not remember how many free training portions i hav sold for 10 gems. i just raid back2back for an hr or 2 and thats it. i dont even bother to wait for peak times(the nexts are fewer during those times) as i dont feel the need to.

    no way SC is gona take my playstyle away. and their legend bonus does not even come close to the efficiency i get currently. even increasing legend bonus to 2x wouldnt entice players like me.
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