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Thread: Connection issue

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    Connection issue

    My screen says “connecting” but never connects so I am not able to get into the game. The problem started on 5/14. I have Hay Day version 1.41.16 and I play on an iPhone X with Software version 12.2. I have plenty of memory, and tried restarting my phone several times as well as checking for hay day updates.

    Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue?

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    Try connecting through a different network. Or disconnect from yours and "forget" the connection then reboot and reconnect.

    This happens to m on android.

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    I currently am on an iPhone that has version 12.3 I believe it was just a few days ago that I installed it.

    If you have auto-updates, it may have downloaded this version but it has not been installed. That can cause the issue you are having.
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