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When choosing a village to raid, you will be matched with people who have about the same number of trophies as you, and with a Town Hall level as similar to yours as possible. The matchmaking system makes it possible to find bases as much as about 600 trophies lower or higher than you are.

A very common tactic is for high level players to deliberately keep their trophy counts low, so that they can be matched with weaker opponents.

Trophy offers differ based on trophy difference between the attacker and the defender; if both the attacker and the defender have an identical amount of trophies, the available trophies from the defender is 30 (with a loss of 20 trophies to the defender should the attacker lose). On the other hand, if the defender is about 600 trophies higher than the attacker, the available trophies from the defender may be 43 (with a loss of only 1 trophy to the defender if the attacker loses).

As of the December 2015 update, the minimum trophy offer differs between Trophy Leagues; while those at low trophy counts (e.g. Silver League) may experience minimum trophy offers of 1 trophy, those at high trophy counts (e.g. Legend League) may have minimum trophy offers of 6 trophies. This is to encourage variety in attacking at higher Leagues as low trophy offers of usually 1 trophy may encourage the player to utilize 1-star strategies (1-star against a base offering 1 trophy allows the attacker to win the 1 trophy); a higher minimum trophy offer will encourage the attacker to utilize 2 or 3-star strategies to win more trophies.
The wiki is not quite correct. I am at 4800 trophies and my last 10 bases offered to me for attacking have been between 4000 and 4600 trophies.