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    My gem is minus???

    Two days ago I bought the AU$7.99 or something gems. However, I did not receive them, so I checked my invoice to look for someone I can ask about it. Aftee that, Apple sent me to Supercell site, and Supercell sent me back to Apple. Long story short, I managed to get a refund. Just now, while I was playing, I saw that my gem went down from 4 to -123. So i went to my invoice again and did it all over again. What on earth should I do now? I donít even know how to contact Supercell or who can fix this.
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    No one here can access player information, so if you feel there is an error, you will need to contact Support in-game or via the webform:
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    Hi! Thank you for your help! I really did not know how to contact the support in-game or the webform. Have a good day/night!

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