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    Question Links in Chat

    In my clan we count with a Discord group chat that makes it easier to discuss anything and ask for troops, however you cannot send links in CoC chats so that people can just click and join. It would make it easier if we could just send the link as soon as any player joins so that he can join the Discord too, without having to memorise the code.

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    Sending links outside the game could cause problem with certain individuals.

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    Yeah unfortunately although the idea is useful, I could see it causing way more problems than it's worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SumoSloth View Post
    Yeah unfortunately although the idea is useful, I could see it causing way more problems than it's worth.
    Exactly this. It would benefit by far less than it would hurt.

    If you want to use a discord-link, did you try tiny.url to shorten the link for convenience?

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    People could potentially type links to scam websites, viruses, etc that could cause irreparable damage to someone's device, possibly even compromise their identity. While I do see some merit to the idea, it has the potential for very severe unintended consequences.
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    It will cause much problems thn benefits

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    I agree with everyone above. Supercell wouldn’t add this to the game, as this would create more problems and backlash than it’s worth.

    Plus aside from discord there isn’t much use for links. I suggest that you take the extra time to writes down a discord link and manually type it into your phone. It will only take like a minute.

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