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Thread: Th 5 th looking for good sociable clan

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    Th 5 th looking for good sociable clan

    I need a good clan that actually goes onto the chat and discusses things. I need a friendly sociable clan that can guide me through the rest of th5 and th6

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    we have three clans with over 60 members and an active Discord server.

    You could join the third clan I'm building for lower town halls. An english-speaking adult clan with 15 members and 10v10 wars at the moment, Crystal League III and level 4. It's called Mini Tears. #20CL8PLV0


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    BAGZLAND is a LVL 8 war causal clan . BAGZLAND 2.0 lvl 3 is are more relaxed war clan so everyone can CWL , relaxed rules and wars for people still learning how to attack . We are currently looking for solid clan mates to help us continue to keep winning clan wars . We have all max level troops and we have max level siege machines .We always complete clan games . All players participate in CWL .
    What we need from you

    1. Someone who can be coached and is willing to coach others
    2. Someone who understands how to properly attack in wars
    3. Someone who can donate to th’s ranked lower than themselves
    4. Fun / respectable person

    If you would like to join us search BAGZLAND and put in the request “ Bigbossjee sent me “ and you will be accepted . clan tag #289LUGVJG clan tag #20UG2Y0CV

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    Clan name : P.K
    Tag : #GJ98028L
    Level 12 war clan
    We would be glad to have you. You need to be able to converse in either english or urdu.
    A few of our war members have gone inactive so we're looking for new guys.
    No insulting
    No wrong donations
    Use both war attacks
    Get at least 2000 points in clan games
    We can teach you all types of war attacks! Check our war log!

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