Town Hall 11 + 12 BatSlap 3 Star Tutorial
(Queen charge into mass witches + Backend Bat Spell Wave/Bomb)

Town Hall 12 Army
2 Archers
1 Wizards
5 Healers
1 Electro Dragons
12 Witches
2 Ice Golems
Siege Machine: Wallwrecker
CC: 2 Ice Golems
2 Balloons
Grand Warden Mode: Ground

TH12 Spells
3 Freeze
1 Poison
7 Bat Spells
CC: 1 Rage

Town Hall 11 Army
1 Archers
3 Wizards
5 Healers
1 Electro Dragons
11 Witches
1 Ice Golems
Siege Machine: Wallwrecker
CC: 2 Ice Golems
1 Balloons
Grand Warden Mode: Ground

Town Hall 11 Spells
3 Freeze
1 Poison
5 Bat Spells
1 Rage
CC: 2 Bat Spells

✔ Best used on bases that aren't extremely
spread out
✔ Most effective against single target infernos
✔ Max TH 11/12 troops + Heroes only
✔ Always scout the base and plan your attack
✔ There are 2 main phases to this attack.
Never start phase 2 before completing
phase 1
PHASE 1. The main army needs to take
out the Eagle Artillery (NO
EXCEPTIONS) and the cc troops.
PHASE 2. After the EA goes down the
bats spells take out the other
half of the base

Town Hall 11& 12 BatSlap Raid Objectives

⚀ Always start by scouting the base so you
can determine the best side of the base to
attack. Plan your opening for the AQ walk +
the entry point for your army.The AQ charge/
killsquad has to be able to take out the EA
⚁ Make note of wizard towers + multi
targeting infernos so you know where to use
your freeze spells. Scout the best place to
deploy your ice golem(s) + bat spells
⚂ Deploy your electro dragon to begin the
funnel for your AQ walk. Try not to deploy
your E-Drag where it can be immediately be
targeted by an AD or xbow.
⚃ Deploy your AQ + 5 healers to target her,
followed by your Grand Warden. Be smart
on where you deploy the AQ since you don't
have extra rage spells. Keep an eye on any
AD's that can snipe your healers.
⚄ Deploy your King followed by 3 witches on
the opposite side of the funnel you started.
The main purpose of the king is close your
funnel to prepare the entry point + make
sure your main army doesn't circle the
base. Be careful not to drop him too close
to the AQ so the healers dont retarget him.
⚅ Deploy the Wallwrecker in between your
King and Queen. Line up the WW so it will
allow your army to take out the EA + open
up as many compartments as possible. Use
a freeze or the GW ability if necessary to
prevent single targeting infernos from
destroying the WW before it can access the
EA and open up the base.
7️⃣ As the AQ, healers, + GW falls in behind the
WW, deploy the rest of your witches directly
behind the WW so all of the troops converge
8️⃣ Deploy your poison spell as needed to help
destroy the defensive CC troops. Use your
rage spell to help your army take out the EA
& work it's way into the base
9️⃣ Make the most your GW ability. Unless you
were forced to use it early to protect your
WW, use it the help your army take down the
EA and keep it from taking too much

PHASE 2: As your main army work it's way through the base prepare to Deploy Phase 2.

🔟 After the EA goes down deploy 1 ice golem
to tank for Wizard Towers followed by your
bat spells on the edge of the base. Drop the
bat spells adjacent to the main army,
starting on the opposite side of the base.
11⚜ Use your freeze spells to keep your bats
alive. As the bats move in range focus on
freezing multi target infernos, wizard
towers, & the Giga tesla. (TH12... Use your
other ice golem to tank for any Wizard
Towers as the bats work their way around
the base)
12⚛ Deploy your cleanup troops after bats
have cleared all defenses from that area
of the base
13 ⭐⭐⭐ COLLECT YOUR 3 STAR ⭐⭐⭐

❗Don't foget to select the wallwrecker if you're
bringing your own if you didnt have donated
to you.
❗Make the most of your King. Never let his
health dip below halfway or allow any single
target infernos to lock on before using the
iron fist ability.
❗Keep an eye on your AQ during phase 2 so
you can pop her ability if necessary. If you're
not careful she can go down before you use
her ability, while you're deploying your bat
spells and freeze spells