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Thread: [q]th12 best league to farm

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    [q]th12 best league to farm

    Which is the best league to farm at th12?

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    How do you like to raid? You can go cheap in low leagues and raid in sessions or go with stronger armies in higher league and farm bonus with less nexting.
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    I want to raid with lower elixir armies, but barely get 400k+ loot in gold 1

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    Get up to Titan. The clouds are a little ♥♥♥♥ty, but not nearly as bad as legends. The loot bonus makes attacking any base pretty much worth it (320k, 320k, 2.2k DE). In one hour of farming, with training boost active, I managed to farm roughly 60k DE and 6 mil gold using all elixer army (Edrags and Loons).

    Each attack earns me about 650k Gold and Elixer not counting army cost and 6k DE on average give or take.
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    The highest trophy count you can consistently 2 star. For me, this is low Titans I because of the high bonus and the clouds aren't too bad yet. It is slightly annoying tho.

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    Nudge into Titan 2 then drop a bit without losing T2 bonus, little clouding, much loot, but bases are tough now.
    Tri or Quad Lava Loon, seems to offer, best risk reward.
    That loon thing that bashes up walls is kool for AQ BK to walk up to TH to get it.
    2* ish though.
    Queen Walk, plus - 'your favourite army' is 3* ish, but gen more expensive and needs high Queen n a deal of skill.
    I'm doing Loons and have 5 builders building constantly.


    Push up to Legends, Loot++++++ and with apparent 'cloud fix' coming probs the place to be.
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