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Thread: 320 tasks all of a sudden!?!?

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    320 tasks all of a sudden!?!?

    In the last hour or so almost all our tasks that pop up have been worth 320 points! Itís like Christmas! Not sure whatís happening but Iím okay with it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thepowerfarmers View Post
    In the last hour or so almost all our tasks that pop up have been worth 320 points! It’s like Christmas! Not sure what’s happening but I’m okay with it!
    we are seeing the exact same thing!! Nothing but’s a bonanza of trucks helps trains and other goodies. Doesn’t seem fair to the people that were task hunting yesterday but oh well !!!

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    Same here!!it was regular boats,baskets,and townspeople tasks yesterday,than all of a sudden the taskboard went back to how it used to be (lots of all kinds of 320)!!!

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    I know! I mean not all of them are great tasks but they are ones that we can do.
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    I about fainted when I saw 12 tasks @ 320. But it’s going back to trashing lesser points again. So anyone experiencing the same choose taking & trashing wisely.

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    Same here and not liking it at all. Simply means a faster race to finish if you want top 3...

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    Yes I noticed that...but too many of the same tasks keeps popping up such as fishing, strawberries and feed task

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    Derby is pointless. Now it’s just do your 9 or 10 320 tasks, close it up on Wednesday evening.

    If this is going to be the new normal, change up the number of tasks, eliminate deletions, something to make it a challenge.

    PS. Apparently little thought was given to this change in the quantity of 320 tasks AFTER derby began.
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    I love that there are so many 320 tasks appearing, we appear to be getting a varied selection too.

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    I'm sure there's a clue here somewhere...
    This is very unusual. Too bad I don't have many mining tools left! (I did hire Tom on both farms, but the smelters, and barns are full, and it's late)

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