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Thread: clan league position

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    clan league position

    ho to increse my clan league position

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    Depends on your starting position.
    Growing/recruiting bigger accounts, adding to your offence with upgraded camps, spells, troop space etc.
    Good communication. Make sure everybody knows what the battle plan is, and what their job is within that plan.
    Good attacking strategy. Assign targets for hitting up where required, in order to maximise the star yield. A dip is a much better chance of a 3 star, so any hitting up releases bigger accounts to do so. Also remember each account only gets one go, so anything on the oppo roster that would be a wasted attack should maybe be considered as being left untouched.

    Lastly, and just as important.. CWL is fought over 7 days. Dont despair on any day in which you face a huge weight disadvantage.
    On those days, you score what you can, and move on.
    Just think, everybody else has to face them too.

    If you are facing all clans with a weight advantage, then well done, you have reached your skill limit. Simply try and maintain that tier until your accounts grow, and you can push again.

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