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Thread: [LVL 16]🏆Champion League CWL - 💰24/7 Donating - 💯Clan Games - 👍Active -⚔️FCs JOIN

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    Exclamation [LVL 16]🏆Champion League CWL - 💰24/7 Donating - 💯Clan Games - 👍Active -⚔️FCs JOIN

    BrosInArms: #LG9CQGVQ

    ⭐⭐⭐ Are you looking for a kick-♥♥♥ clan with awesome players who 3 star tough bases for fun & glory?

    🏆 How does a clan that's in the Champion's League CWL sound to you?

    🏠 Did you take a break or are you looking for a new home? Look no further, join the Brotherhood!

    🎁 Getting all the Clan Games rewards every time? We got ya!

    🌎 You're bilingual, speaking English and Clash? So are we, we try anything once.

    ⚔️ Looking to practice whenever against 'Bros (and Sistas) in the clan? Keep reading!

    🧠 You're a smart player who has high level heroes? So do we!

    Expect max level troops for war and farming? We donate faster than a Goblin steals loot!

    😄 Temper tantrums are a foreign concept to you? Come join our drama free clan!

    🎓 Are you competitive by nature, yet always keen to learn more? We happily provide our members with constructive feedback.

    😍 Are you a total Clash addict or at least dependable and active? Join our chill, friendly yet competitive clan buzzing with activity!

    💪 How do high level clan perks, such as a 25% loot bonus, 50% refunds and +2 troop levels upon donating sound to you?

    ⭐⭐⭐ If we have converted you to our righteous cause and are eager to soak with us in the blood of our enemies, be sure to come check us out now! ⭐⭐⭐

    BrosInArms -

    BattleBuddies (Feeder Clan) -

    🏆BrosInArms🏆 Requirements:

    For TH11
    Heroes 40/40/10 or higher

    For TH12
    Heroes 50/50/20 or higher

    🎓BattleBuddies🎓 Requirements:

    For TH9s:
    Combined Heroes 30+

    For TH10s
    Combined heroes 50+

    For TH11
    Combined heroes 70+

    For th12
    Combined heroes 90+


    YouTube 3 Star Fanatic:

    About us

    BrosInArms was created January 9 2016🎉. We set out to create a clan centered around winning wars consistently. This means we keep up with the meta and adopt the latest strategies that are highly effective 💪.

    The clan actively farms. Many farm using Laloon🎈, so Balloons and LavaHounds are particularly donated a lot. During war day troops such as max level Hogs, Balloons and Bowlers etc. are frequently and rapidly donated to both war and farm requests. Our current goal is to recruit more competitive Town Hall 12 players so we can start doing 30 vs 30 wars in the Clan War League⚔️.

    We have people from all over the world, but proper English is the only spoken language 🗣. As long as you can conduct yourself maturely, you can be part of the Brotherhood 🤝 regardless of your actual age. If you perform well in wars, you will be promoted to Elder. Co-leader can possibly be earned if you go above and beyond being an elite front-line soldier, through consistently contributing to the clan's management and growth 🔰. Everyone in the clan is chill and our top players are happy to give advice and challenge you for practice 😃.

    How to apply

    To join, simply apply to the clan or simply join our discord..

    ➡ Or use the following link:

    So don't hesitate and join us now, you'll be glad you did!

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