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Thread: Is there any reason to max out everything?

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    Question Is there any reason to max out everything?

    We all know that SC made TH rushing obesolete and that will only slow down the progress. But BH matchmaker works in another fashion which measures only throphy count. So, to maximize your income, you should just maximize your BH level, gold&elixir mines and trophy count. Is there any reasonable argument for maxing everything out before moving on to the next BH? As from my experience I reached ~1700 with BH4, then I moved to TH 5 and reached ~1970-2000 just by upgrading archers, building machine and mortar. Then with all costly upgrades I gained like 80 or 100 throphies. I use solely archer attack, because all other attack packs not yield as much damage or costs several millions of elixir to buy them(like t10 cannons t10 giants and t5 machine). My attacking capabilities are currently capped by BH level. my defensive capabilities ar also capped by a BH level because upgrading wall from t4 to t5 or from t3 to t4 definetely can't yield as as much trophy increase as BH level upgrade. Moreover, 60% enemies I see is BH6 or BH7.

    Thus, to achieve significant amount of trophies with attack method I prefer i should upgrade BH, lab and sneaky archers for elixir, and place some defences for gold.

    Am I right?

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    That is how bh works. Maxing each level is not the best way to play. Strategic rushing is. Fair warning, the wall grind at the end can be brutal.
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    I made a third account a few months ago and just for the sake of trying something different I decided to max each BH level. Grinding loot for BH4 was incredibly frustrating as I was hovering around 1700 trophies and getting matched almost exclusively against BH5 and BH6 players. As soon as I finished the last BH4 upgrade and went to BH5 I decided I'm not going to continue that play style. It provides no advantage whatsoever and only hinders your progress
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    So...rushing in a strategic fashion makes sense on both sides of the game. The only time rushing has any negative effects is with classic Clan Wars, and even there it’s arguable to a point. For those of us who have decided to no longer run classic Clan Wars, rushing alts is definitely the way to go.

    On the BB, the game is flat designed for rushing and to not do so is asking for misery. Some of us will max a level just to do it, but no one who seriously plays the game will remain a maxer for long - it is truly the least fun experience on the planet, maxing the BB after BH5.
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