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Thread: Have you kicked the old habits yet?

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    Hahaha! had to laugh reading this, exactly the same with me, tapping CC and TH for those exact reasons. Also, since I am an almost max TH12 with all dark upgrades done, Šnd have 350.000 DE in storage, I can not empty my loot cart anymore, so fruitlessly tap on that as well every time I open the game. 3 useless taps

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    I still click the townhall lol... I dont re-arm traps.. The biggest is how new defenses are stacked lol.. I believe i have a year to learn lol

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    This turned into a therapy thread lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenix1027 View Post
    I've adjusted to not having to rearm traps but I still find myself instinctively tapping the clan castle for magic items
    🙋 me too searching for magic items at cc. Rearming traps too.

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    at your base.
    - Rearming Traps
    - Checking Magic items via CC

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