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Thread: Best donation for attacking ( town hall lvl)

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    Best donation for attacking ( town hall lvl)

    So I am currently in a clan with my friends and they are much higher than me. I am town hall level 5 playing against lvl 5,6 bases and currently im using giants + a donated healer angel. But i was wondering what else could my friends donate to me to make my attacks easier . CC capacity around 15/20. I appreciate all help <3

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    High level loons or hogs wreck shop in multi player at TH 5/6
    A baby dragon is good for offense or defense.
    Valks, witches, loons or wizards are great for defense.
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    I'm with Klavious on this one, I use loons on my th6 and it's strong enough to crush almost any base. The defensive suggestions are solid as well.

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    Max hogs or loons as others have said. Also miners.
    For defense, I'd recommend 1 valkriye, a baby drag and 2 archers.

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