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Thread: Leader promoting coleader, but leader promote

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    Leader promoting coleader, but leader promote

    Has anyone had a problem with the game promoting a co-leader to leader in you name?

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    If the leader has been inactive and not logged into their game for 30 days then leadership will automatically be given to the next player in charge.

    This was added to an update a while ago due to many abandoned hoods from leaders.

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    Well, I wanted to test this and the change happens after 28 days, not 30 days as posted on forum. For further discussion, you have an observation here.

    There are, in my case, about 28d 8h 10m between 2 demotion messages. The first one is manual, the second one is triggered by the system. My guessing is that during the 29th day, a daily script will detect when all conditions are met to initiate the change.

    * will be back with screenshot *

    Edit: screenshot is here
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