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Thread: 'Support' army space, 'Smart Train' option

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    NEW FEATURES: How to DONATE without bungling your army. Make training PAINLESS.


    • The game has a single army training queue.
    • You can currently have a quantity of 2 full armies (including the already trained troops) within this training queue.
    • Once troops in this queue have been 'trained', they are then moved into the active army.
    • After attacking or donating, troops are consumed and the troops next in line in the training queue are moved into the active army.


    1. You want to donate to your clan, but the troops in your active army and/or queue don't always match the troops that members ask for.
    2. If you attack but don't use ALL of the troops from your army, troops in your training queue get automatically dumped into your active army. The troops that get dumped in may or may not match the troops you just used. The result is a skewed army. Example:
      • Your standard army is 50% arch, 50% barb
      • You use 25% arch
      • Next in line in the training queue was barbs
      • Your new army now has 25% arch, 75% barb

    3. The above result also happens after donating troops (as opposed to using them in your own battle).
      • ​Example: donate a drag from your current army and then 20 spaces of whatever was trained and next in line in your queue get instantly dumped into your army. And the troops that get dumped in are USUALLY not what you wanted, thus skewing your preferred army composition.

    4. Your current army is NOT full. You get a request for troops and start training them. Before you are done training and donating them, someone else fills the request. Now, if you don't catch it in time, the troop/spell you trained is dumped into your current army, thus skewing your army from what you prefer. Now you must drop the troop in order to fix your army composition, thus: wasting the resources you used to train the requested troops, wasting your time, and making your feel very hesitant to fill a custom request ever again.


    • Add new 'Support' army spaces.
      • Equal in storage size to the current barracks/spell/siege spaces
      • Troops/spells/sieges in this space are RESERVED for DONATIONS ONLY, and can NEVER be used in one's own battles.

    • Under the "Train Troops", "Brew Spells" and "Build Siege Machines" tabs:
      • Add a 'destination' radio button with 2 possible options

          • Support (blue?)
          • Battle (red?)

        • Any troops added via the bottom troop icons will be added as usual to the top queue but with the background color matching the currently selected 'destination'
        • Clicking on a troop icon in the queue line at top of screen will update the 'destination' radio button to reflect the current destination of that selected troop AND allow one to change the destination of that same troop.

      • Carry over the 'destination' colors to the "donate" screen. From this perspective the 'destination' becomes the 'source'
        • You will plainly see the troops/spells/sieges that are sourced from 'Support' vs those sourced from 'Battle' and you can be selective in where you donate from

      • Add a "Smart Train" option
        • Enabled, it will add any just-used or just-donated troops to the front of training queue marked with the same 'destination' as the troops that were just consumed.
          • Example:
            • You just used a single E-drag in a farm attack.
            • Immediately after the battle is complete, a new E-drag will be added to the FRONT of the queue (first in line) and destined for the 'Battle' destination.
            • When this E-drag in queue is finished training, it will be added to your 'Battle' army thus bringing the army back to it's original composition.

          • Example 2:
            • You just donated 2 Drags, a Rage spell, and a Stone Slammer to a clan-mate, source from the 'Support' army space.
            • Immediately after donating, 2 Drags, a Rage spell and a Stone Slammer are added to the FRONT of the queue (first in line) and destined for the 'Support' destination.
            • When these troops are finished training they will be added to the 'Support' area thus bringing your Support/Donation area back to full and with the same troops as prior to donating.

        • Disable, the queue will function as it does now. Example:
          • You just used a single E-drag in a farm attack.
          • Immediately after the battle is complete, the very next troops in the queue (e.g. 35 barbs?) will be pushed into your current army.
          • Your army is now immediately filled but with a different composition.
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    Yes, I love this idea so much. +1

    well thought out, with good examples. Supercell, please add.

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    Im a little confused so correct me if im wrong. Is OP suggesting a way to have an autotrain function?

    If so then i dont think there is any big problem that needs to be solved with an update. It can be fixed easily by training AFTER you attack. The "Support" part for donating can be easily fixed too by adding troops you will donate at the beginning of the queue BEFORE you donate.

    If you ask me this is a waste of Supercell's time because the player themself can fix this on their own. Sure, it is annoying sometimes when you donate and something else floods into your army but thats your own fault for not being careful. On top of this, the concept is confusing so it may be misunderstood by players. Overall this is a solution to people being lazy and wanting an easy way out.

    However, if this does get implemented I believe many people would use it, including myself. Good job on the idea.

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