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Thread: question about geared up defenses and top league play

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    question about geared up defenses and top league play

    so on almost every single video i see from carbon fin and clash with corey who bring top tier league play to youtube, i almost never see a player using their geared up defense. i can see they have that option but is it against the rules in higher leagues that you can't use geared up defenses? you would think they would want to because doesn't having them geared up have a slight advantage? the mortar is a little more powerful and archer towers and cannon as well, just wondering why i never see anyone using it

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    I think lots of people actually don't think that gearing up makes a defense more powerful/useful. They believe that the extra range leads to more damage overall.

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    The CC and AT gear-ups give more DPS, but reduce range. They are meant to give more flexibility in base design, but not to be a clear upgrade, as they didn't want to make players feel "forced" to play the BB. The mortar gear-up gives about the same DPS with the same range, just in three shots rather than one. Many players find this a downgrade, as many times not all three strikes hit the troops, and ultimately deals less damage overall.

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    The reason they aren't using it is because it isn't better. Its more cosmetic than practical.

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    I find the double cannon is worth it as it sometimes locks on a hero and does a lot of damage. I find the archer tower range better. I find the mortar no be meh set either way.
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    ya i guess u can take range into consideration i just thought the damage per second was more worth it than the range. i mean the archer tower does twice as much damage per second when geared up but 3 tiles less, idk, it seems like a good trade up to me but i guess thats why im not in champs 1

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