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Thread: In-game Trading Section for BEMs, SEMs, LEMs

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    In-game Trading Section for BEMs, SEMs, LEMs

    Please consider a trading offer board or paper for expansion material. Perhaps a posting board located somewhere by the road.

    The farmer taps on the board. There is a 'make offer' selection. There are also a list of live offers.
    A farmer can post one offer at a time. While the offer is posted, it freezes or takes the offered item from the barn. It returns the items to the barn if the offer expires or is canceled.

    Allow a max quantity of 10 of one type expansion item of choice for offer. Select expansion item of matching quantity that will be accepted from another farmer.

    Display several trade offers on the board from others so that the farmer can look at (perhaps 20 at a time).
    If the farmer selects a trade and it is not already taken (darkened like a sold item in DD),
    and if the farmer has the items the ad wants,
    then the trade will be successful.

    Restrict the farmer to posting a trade offer or accepting a trade offer for a given time like once every hour or longer to prevent excessive using abuse.

    As long as no trade has occurred, have the trade board refresh with new offers after so many minutes like the refreshing of the DD paper.

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    Because of the way this cuts into diamond sales, it would only happen if a diamond price was attached to the transaction for both parties. Something like 4-6 diamonds per tool traded.

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