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    Subscription for 9.50Fr (Swizerland)

    Today i just bought 30Fr iTunes and wanted to buy the subscription for the instant training. Everytime i press buy, it isn't working... What do i have to do ?

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    Hello and welcome to the forums.
    Assuming you loaded the money on your iTunes account (redeem), logged in the same account when you started the game app, it should work. Are you logged in game using GameCenter or Supercell Id?
    Note that if Gamecenter, the account in iTunes does not have to be same as in Gamecenter, but iTunes needs to be funded.
    If not, check support and eventually contact them about your problem. There is little that can be done to help you from the forums.

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    If you mean 'Instant Training' for Boom Beach then you need to visit Reddit. There is no Boom Beach forum. Closed.

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