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Thread: Close to max th9

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    Close to max th9

    Im close to max th9, aq lv30 king lvl19. Am in champs going back to titans

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    You're welcome to check out my clan, Sandy Littles. We are a group of mostly adults that play clash in our off time. We are pretty laid back and do all the stuff clans do, war regularly, max out clan games, etc... Feel free to come check us out #208GPPL8. Here is a link to my discord server if you're interested in talking with me there, or just request in game and mention Han sent you.

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    Follow this link if you're interested in joining!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwedishPlayer View Post
    Im close to max th9, aq lv30 king lvl19. Am in champs going back to titans
    Hey! We are recruiting new mates! War is once a week currently until we get more active mates. #CUUGC8G

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    We are looking for adults 18+ that are active. Th's 6-th10 non rushed bases that are loyal and does not take advantage of donations. No drama friendly fun clan that takes wars seriously. We will be doing 5 vs 5 until we are able to get more better players in the clan.
    The name of the clan is
    the clan id
    the banner is black and white
    the leader name is apex yurok252$
    if interested private message or send a invite in game saying "seen in forum"

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    Clan name : P.K
    Tag : #GJ98028L
    Level 12 war clan
    We would be glad to have you. You need to be able to converse in either english or urdu.
    A few of our war members have gone inactive so we're looking for new guys.
    No insulting
    No wrong donations
    Use both war attacks
    Get at least 2000 points in clan games
    Check out our war log!

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