Hello There!
We are searching for ACTIVE TH 10 + players that want a clan that is heavily war oriented with the want to push higher and win them wars!
Please When you're searching for the clan, type in FORUMS as your request.
•Any age
•English speaking ONLY! STRICTLY ENFORCED.
•You're ready for war! You should only be opted out of war for hero upgrades!
•Trophy Count Isn't Necessary
•Donate! Donate! Donate! (One of the biggest reasons I'm making this is we used to have a very active successful clan, obviously people leave over time and this is what we are leaning towards!)
•We have always maxed our clan games, never an issue.
About Leisure Lanes:
We are all mostly friends who work together in a bowling alley, we have 5 legends and 3 more who have pushed it before. We do like to have fun in chat, but we are serious about war.
IF YOU ARE APPROVED, BE READY TO SHOW US REPLAYS! We want to see that you can attack, a 3 star against a TH that is similar to where you are, or a solid 2 star from a TH above you!

Please comment if you have any further questions! ☺