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Thread: need clan for th5 event

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    need clan for th5 event

    hi guys i am madhur i want a clan to play in the town hall cup(th 5 event) please invite me i will max out my th5 base by the end of this week please invite me my player tag is #yc8l2vgp9

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    You've been added to Clash Champs recruiting posting to 31 discord servers. Expect some invites.
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    I also need clan for th 5 tournament. Will max out my base before it start. I am very excited to participate in this event. My player tag is #L8RCCYCR9. Agester Please add me too

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    Agester Please add me too clash champ recruiting

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    still interested on that th5 tournament? my player name is ELiZed 5.0 I send you a friend request. Join our clan if you want.

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