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    Daily Dirt Ads All Rustic Bouquets 💐 💐

    HayDay Fix annoying problems! I have a great solution to two different annoying problems… The Daily Dirt gets clogged up with a lot of ads for unwanted items, such as rustic bouquets, cloche hats, tofu dogs, berry smoothies, and chili popcorn ... so it’s unusual to find good ads!
    Meanwhile, the visitors that hang out by the trucks are always looking for super desirable items... so they are just like annoying beggars.

    Solution: keep the Daily Dirt clear of constant ads for the same old unwanted items by having the beggars ask for yucky things nobody wants anyway!!

    It will improve the players’ experience!!
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    The DD shows what players are advertising, If Supercell started controlling what people could advertise there would be outrage. The visitors ask for what you have most of and what you have least of in your barn and silo.
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    Clearly these items are being over produced, there is no doubt about that. The ingredients are simple so people will fill their machines with them to gain easy mastery stars or easy coins. I personally also believe that a lot of the time, people are advertising the items that take forever to sell, so that they are more likely to receive help with various orders (which of course works). So we see even more bouquets. I think a good way to cut down on a lot of those advertisements flooding the paper is to have sales and help request searching separate as previously suggested in a different thread. This is why visitor events are my favourite, hard to find bouquets then.
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