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Thread: Delayed Start?

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    Delayed Start?

    Is there any proof that delayed start is beneficial or is it just an urban legend?

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    Delayed start is quite beneficial, especially for solo derby players. As the size of the NH increases the benefit may decrease a bit.

    Since NHs are not matched up until they actually take a task if they can load the board with tasks that are quick to finish, they can easily finish the derby in a matter of minutes. They may need to stack production tasks and wait until all are ready. Some solo players have even waited until hours before derby end to even start the derby.
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    My main farm's hood tried it for a while, but it never actually did very much.
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    Having extensive experience with this in different sized hoods, I feel it is very helpful but needs to be tweaked for the size hood you are in. 5 hours works very well for 12-15 opted in while a 2 person hood needs days. A full hood may not need it at all. Itís never foolproof. The best thing is to experiment and see what works best for your hood size and style of play.
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    I'm sure there's a clue here somewhere...
    I usually derby solo and can say that for me, I can definitely see a beneficial difference in using this method as opposed to not using it.

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    I've been testing this out too... Appears to work, unless I'm battling confirmation bias
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