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Thread: Derby Focused Player Lvl 44

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    Derby Focused Player Lvl 44

    Iím tired of being in NHís that have half the people not participating in Derbyís. Looking for a NH that is max task and points derby focused with 20-29 members so someone is on at most times. Iím always the top trader in NHís and post building materials for NH members before advertising. I always max out my derby tasks and expect the same from everyone else.

    Game tag: P2JVPPUQ0. I donít know if the last letter is an 0 or an O. Number or letter.

    D & J Farms is the name

    Hopefully someone can help me. Iím online at least 20 times a day and looking for a NH that plays the same way.
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    😜🐽🐷"Naughty Pigs !" Needs New Farmer Friends 🐷🐽😜

    "Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.Ē

    💕Seeking Love,Friendship and Loyalty ?💕

    Are you Serious in Derby ? You are at the Right Place👌

    Hello Farmers From All Around The World 🌹

    I just created this Neighborhood today( 30th April ) and we want to make this neighborhood a great place together😄

    I will update the post soon.some of the basic rules are :

    1.Minimum level to join is 60 my friends but I will lower it if you are active

    2.Choose only 320 on regular derbies and 400 on special derbies.Please complete All your tasks and if you are busy,simply opt out😀Diamond task is optional😊 must be able to communicate In English fluently

    4.must be Very active in town area and send off visitors regularly♥

    Please come and join Me let's build a great neighborhood with your help. We are going to champions league together 😎👌

    Neighborhood Name 👉 Naughty Pigs !
    Neighborhood Tag 👉 PCJVURPV
    Neighborhood Emblem 👉 Brown Pig on Gray Background♥
    Leader Name 👉 ☘RAHMAN☘
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    Hey Suggartown. My neighborhood is active in derbies, we are newly in champions league
    Come join us

    We are Kitty Corner, logo red heart with cat inside. Come join us! A group of cat lovers. Friendly, helpful and active derby players. Seeking active players that love the derby tasks.

    Level 20 to join
    Champions League
    Language : English

    Tag #P8RQOLCO

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