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Thread: Will this make BB great again?

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    Will this make BB great again?

    Will this make the builder's base great again?

    1) let the gem mine produce more. A 30% buff would be nice.

    2) more gear ups:
    - The roaster gear up. If you upgrade your roaster to lvl 7, the multi-target inferno tower will get 3 additional lava rays and the single target will deal +20% damage to heroes. This will be visible because the ray will have a dark-blue tint (night theme of the BB). If you set the geared up mode, the range will be reduced by 40%.
    - The mega Tesla gear up. If you upgrade the mega Tesla to lvl 8, the giga Tesla on your th12 will get the same effect as the electro dragon. The lightningbolts will conduct. This geared up mode will reduce the range by 40%.
    NOTE: the lightningbolts can only conduct 1 time and the second strike will only deal 40% damage. Otherwise it would be OP. Also, if the town hall gets destroyed, the explosion will stun the troops for 2 seconds.

    3) Troop gear ups:
    Maxing out a troop in builder's base , will give you a special skin for main village troops. Examples:
    - maxing out angry barbariansgives you a purple skin.
    - archers will give you a dark blue skin.
    - knock giant will give you a boxer skin.
    - green minion will give you a poisonous skin.
    - ...

    4) BH9?

    Okay, forget about number 4. We asked too many times for it.😁
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