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Thread: Looking for active NH

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    Looking for active NH

    I am active player looking for best,friendly, chatty,helping NH that most of time active my level is 48 and my friend level is 21

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    Oct 2015
    😜🐽🐷"Naughty Pigs !" Needs New Farmer Friends 🐷🐽😜

    "Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

    💕Seeking Love,Friendship and Loyalty ?💕

    Are you Serious in Derby ? You are at the Right Place👌

    Hello Farmers From All Around The World 🌹

    I just created this Neighborhood today( 30th April ) and we want to make this neighborhood a great place together😄

    I will update the post soon.some of the basic rules are :

    1.Minimum level to join is 60 my friends but we will lower it for Obsessive Derby players

    2.Choose only 320 on regular derbies and 400 on special derbies.Please complete All your tasks and if you are busy,simply opt out😀Diamond task is optional😊 must be able to communicate In English fluently

    4.must be Very active in town area and send off visitors regularly♥

    Please come and join Me let's build a great neighborhood with your help. We are going to champions league together 😎👌

    Neighborhood Name 👉 Naughty Pigs !
    Neighborhood Tag 👉 PCJVURPV
    Neighborhood Emblem 👉 Brown Pig on Gray Background♥
    Leader Name 👉 ☘RAHMAN☘
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    Come join Scorpion tag # PC8LCYGV Blue apple red background. 25 members level 20-64.

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    Hi we have a small but friendly hood 11 members s but only 2 playing at the moment sowe now recruiting if you still a hood drop by and say helloo

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    Join my neighbourhood. We will grow our farm steadily by helping eachother.

    Name: Available 20Hours
    Tag: #P9JCLUL2

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