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Thread: Tom working while we are off line!

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    Tom working while we are off line!

    Hay Day Would be wonderful if we could get our money's worth out of Tom! If only Tom could be working while we are off line, like Rose and Earnest do. Can we get settings put on Tom? Like the settings on Rose and Earnest. So he can go run for us when we're not on the game.
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    Tom is a real time saver on my farm. I couldn't have done that scroll week without his help. I feel he is well worth it even if I can't send him out every two hours. He saves me DAYS of work even with a few trips.
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    Tom is a great idea. Sadly he can help just all 2 hours... The idea to give him a list for shopping sounds fine for me too another option could reduce the time button for be ready again. Or just a little nap for a few minutes only? Most ppl have a rl and can't send Tom each 2 hours but he is available for some days only till next dias will spend to him.

    If u won't change any at Tom maybe he can stay longer like rose and Ernst. Could help too

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    Tom is lazy. We need a female to get things done!

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    It would be good to be able to set Toms shopping tasks for up to 5 runs. Something like the way we set pies or cakes cooking, we stack them up. Tom delivers a set number of the items you request, whether that be set at 5/6/7/8/for stacked requests it would help!

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    That would be amazing!

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    I'm sure there's a clue here somewhere...
    Always great to see new forum members posting ideas. We have made numerous suggestions regarding Tom, but, unfortunately, they have either been ruled out or not implemented. (You can see these by looking through the previous threads in this subforum).
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    This is very cool idea.

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    I agree give him a list of things u want/need and have him complete offline

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    Now that would be amazing!

    Quote Originally Posted by Pclv998 View Post
    I agree give him a list of things u want/need and have him complete offline
    Excellent thinking!
    Tom can get expensive, i would love to get my moneys worth by having him working while i can not play during his time frame.
    i think more people would use him too.

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