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Thread: Pets walk though fences.

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    Pets walk though fences.

    Hello. I’m back after being inactive for a long time.

    I have put up a white fence on my farm to stop pets wandering off too far down the farm track. However, around once per day, one of pets (always a dog or cat) walk through the fence and over my crops.

    This appears to occur when pets are doing a certain thing.

    I have found that dogs walk through the fence and over crops when they are sniffing the ground. I do not know what action triggers the bug for cats, however it could be when they walk slowly with their tail pointing up in the air.

    When the pet isn’t doing this aforementioned action, they usually treat the fence as I want and expect (like a boundary).

    Please fix this soon! It must hurt the poor pets to walk through fences and I’m sure my crops don’t like getting trampled! It is also very annoying to blow the whistle to get them in the boundary again every day.

    Thank you!
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    this is a long known issue, it happens to all my pets horses, bunny's, hoping for a fix to a long time already.
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    I have a horse that keeps getting stuck in my crops. I have found that if you call them back to their homes with the whistle they stop wandering... for a while.
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