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Thread: Looking for active neighborhood for newer players in low 30's

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    Looking for active neighborhood for newer players in low 30's

    My daughter and I have bonded over this game and we're looking for a community that is a little more active in derbies and donations. We're both around levels 30/31. Would love to join a new place before the next derby. Thanks!

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    Hello My Friend 😄

    😜🐽🐷"Naughty Pigs !" Needs New Farmer Friends 🐷🐽😜

    "Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose.

    💕Seeking Love,Friendship and Loyalty ?💕

    Are you Serious in Derby ? You are at the Right Place👌

    Hello Farmers From All Around The World 🌹

    I just created this Neighborhood today( 30th April ) and we want to make this neighborhood a great place together😄

    I will update the post soon.some of the basic rules are :

    1.Minimum level to join is 60 my friends but we will lower it if you are Super active in derbies😉

    2.Choose only 320 on regular derbies and 400 on special derbies.Please complete All your tasks and if you are busy,simply opt out😀Diamond task is optional😊 must be able to communicate In English fluently

    4.must be Very active in town area and send off visitors regularly♥

    Please come and join Me let's build a great neighborhood with your help. We are going to champions league together 😎👌

    Neighborhood Name 👉 Naughty Pigs !
    Neighborhood Tag 👉 PCJVURPV
    Neighborhood Emblem 👉 Brown Pig on Gray Background♥
    Leader Name 👉 ☘RAHMAN☘
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    If We Suit You please PM me And I will accept you😄

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    If you think you might want a LITTLE slower pace our neighborhood might work. We started it so that my daughter could be part of a neighborhood that wouldn't take advantage of her or bully her. She is "differently abled" and doesn't always practice good cyber safety.
    We have people in the neighborhood who can't do all 9 tasks at highest pt value. They do what they can and we are ok with that.
    We only ask that you do your best. That you give as much as you get and that you are understanding of others if they make mistakes or fail tasks. Because that happens.
    Heart in Hands
    Silver chicken on a purple heart.
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    Mother Hen

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    Looking for active talkative helpful English speaking members that love derbies!!!!!

    An experienced group of friendly folks looking for more people from the USA and from around the world to join. We are a Championship League neighborhood that is from a Championship league neighborhood that is starting over.

    We work tasks at 315 points and above, or 350 and above on special derbies. We do not demand that you do an extra task, they are your diamonds, however working extra tasks are very much appreciated.

    If you are busy or prefer not to participate in the Derby we ask that you 'opt out' before the Derby begins, it's only fair to the members of the neighborhood that are playing the Derby

    Please don't be afraid to ask for help or if you have any questions about the game feel free to ask in the neighborhood chat....after all that's what neighborhoods are for, a good sense of humor is a must..

    We are a drama free neighborhood, or at least strive to be. Also we love to chat, you don't have to be chatty just communicate with us so that we know you are still around and playing. Besides we are a very helpful group and if you don't chat then we won't be able to help you so just help out when you are on and join in the chat when you can…

    There is also a private Facebook page for members that are on Facebook. This is not required but highly suggested.

    Neighborhood emblem.... Blue Star with Orange Saw & Ax.
    You can't miss the neighborhood in the search, it's the only one titled Grands Country

    Tag #82QL2PRP



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