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Thread: Specialty Derbies

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    Specialty Derbies

    Why so many of them in a row...............??????

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    Personally, I like the special “themed” derbies. It adds variety to keep them from getting too boring.

    However, there hasn’t been much variety. Out of all the different themed derbies... since February 25th, 2019 (this year) we’ve had...

    Blossom Derby - 2 times
    Regular Derby - 3 times
    Power Derby - 3 times
    Bingo Derby - 1 times
    Mystery Derby - 2 times (counting this weeks derby)

    They completely ignored Easter derby and there are many other themes to choose from.

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    We need a regular derby soon though. My nephew opts out of the special derbies because he can't do all his tasks because of school and sports and minecraft (hahaha)
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