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Thread: [Exclusive Drip] - Level 3 casual war clan - #28LQ8CGYQ

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    [Exclusive Drip] - Level 3 casual war clan - #28LQ8CGYQ

    Exclusive Drip is a newer clan looking to increase our war ranks. We have won 8 regular wars with that constantly going up. We war constantly, but if you want to war once or twice a week that is all good. We base our times on EST. We have two accounts that can donate high levels that get on throughout the day. In CWL we are Gold 3 and we distribute medals to the top performers of the clan.

    Our clan rules:
    Must use both attacks in war, if you are in war and cannot attack then message lead or a co.
    Use first attack within first 12 hours, wait on second attack for a cleanup.
    Must attack your mirror for first attack.
    Donate what is requested. If in war and someone else can donate higher level than yours, donít donate.
    No specific ratio is required, just try and donate when you can.
    Have 500+ points in clan games.
    Be civil.

    We are looking for TH9+ looking to war and to grow. We do not want rushed bases in here. We are looking for people for the long haul to grow as a family. Mention this thread when applying so we know it isnít just a random person.

    We use Band to communicate a little easier outside of clan chat.

    Clan name: Exclusive Drip Clan Tag: #28LQ8CGYQ

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