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Thread: Ground army for th9

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    Ground army for th9

    Guys i need a perfect ground army for th9 with the balancing cost of de and elixir

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    The bottleneck at TH9 is most definitely heroes so I was less worried about balancing out gold/elixir and just designed my army to maximize DE uptake. A GiWiPe army worked well for me, few wallbreakers, 1 hog & a couple archers for CC pulls when needed, couple heals/rages & 1 jump spell. Nothing special.

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    Witch Slap. 1 golem, 8 witches, 4 healers, 7 wizards, 5 wall breakers, bowlers in cc. 1 rage, 2 heals, 1 jump, 1 freeze/poison , another max freeze in cc.
    You have to flank with 4 witches and 2 healers on 2 corners of the base. Create a funnel and lead golem, heroes, bowlers into the centre of the base. Use wizards to deal with enemy cc. Rage the bowlers when you think necessary, use heals and jump to get bowlers to the centre. Use freeze and poison on enemy cc troops.
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    GoWiPe. Golems, pekkas, wizards. Though th9 ground is garbage, th10 ground is so much more fun and easy to use.
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    For farming or for war?

    For farming: Giwibarch (just like gibarch but use more wiz)
    For war: use DE ground armies.

    Why no air? for TH9 Air is the best...especially since everyone seems to be putting xbows to ground for some reason.

    fyi...I"m currently early/mid TH9 for my 3rd account.
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    Without knowing what it is for nobody can really answer definitively. Want lots of gold and elixer, use barch. Want lots of dark, use gobs. Want a pushing army, use GoWiPe. If you want something in between use gibarch with some wiz added. War armies are all dark elizxer heavy using mainly witches. Either way, ground at th9 is not great right now and the best farming and war army that balances dark and elixer is laloon. If you don't have hounds or loons upgraded yet, do it because it is the best strat.

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