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    Anyone removed extra obstacles after keeping them for years previously?

    I have all obstacles on the edge and I collect them all since cauldron. I have several of each and while I like xmas trees, I don't find cakes fit well with the rest of the base. I used several shovels but it's impossible to arrange all the trees and so because I have to move cakes too. So I'm thinking just to keep one. But as a collector person I'm afraid I'll regret later. Anyone removed extra obstacles after keeping them for years previously?
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    I just keep one of everything.. thats all u need

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    I removed obstacles that were from halloween.

    I kept xmas trees, fortune trees, fireworks, one 5th year and one 6th year cake, and 1 spikey cactus and 1 hween skull.

    I don't think about it and I don't regret it.

    I only really care about the trees
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    I’ve recently started cleaning up my obstacles with the thought in mind that only one each is necessary. Got tired of my bases looking cluttered.

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    Absolutely not. Each obstacle it a memory of time long ago and I have no intentions of removing any of them.....

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    I have removed duplicates recently, and may contiue that course of action. Have not had a regular obstacle spawn for a long time, been at max. Used shovels to move some, but accept that if I continued to keep all duplicates, will run out of space.

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    The first years, I only kept the Christmas Tree and removed the Halloween obstacles .. now I just keep a couple of everything.

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    I never keep any of them as I like a clean base. My disfunctional tidiness even extends in-game

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    I plan to purge the extra cakes and tombstones and such in the very near future. The shovels have been a god send and I appreciate that I can re-order my hoarded mess of 'specials' somewhat now.

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    Before shovels, I had several of everything (Except that Gosh Darn 2012 XMas tree I accidentally deleted).

    Once the shovels came, I moved 1 of each into neat rows - XMas trees in one corner, Halloween stuff on a side, cakes/fireworks/misc on another wall. As new things come in, I'll shovel one of each into line where it fits best, but done are the days of mass accumulation for me.

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