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    I use to keep any that were off the map, and at least one of each even if they're not off the map. Now that we have shovels I've removed all but one of each and used shovels to organize them all into one corner off the map.

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    I’ve only kept those I ever liked - the 2 most recent Christmas trees, cactus, fortune tree, fireworks and the witch’s hat on my main and two lanterns in my BH, the rest got deleted the moment it appeared.

    Oh and, does loot cart count as decoration these days? Because I get to keep that one too
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    I've removed and regretted.

    Regret removing 2012, 2014 xmas and Halloween headstone (2013).

    Alas, I still have plenty from previous years ( 70 total ).
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    I forgot...
    I’ve removed some, kept others.
    The shovel allowed me to keep my 2013 x-tree in a better spot.
    But i’ve cut many other obstacles to remain with a total in the 40s special obstacles; yet enough to not get more standard obstacles.

    I’m hoarding shovels (freebees) to get to arrange my halloween stuff in order. My x-trees are arranged already

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    Nope. 30 degrees C. Summer it is.
    I liked to keep as many that spawned on the border, as possible. Sadly my kid was holding my iPad for me while I was doing something (thinking he was playing a word game I have on here). He changed his mind, I guess, and decided to check out Clash and “help me get the gold and elixir” since the “holidays are over”. I was not impressed. He also used all my gems and made me a TH10 so I could get infernos. :/ Thankfully I was maxed 9 except a few hero levels, lol. But I was still not impressed.

    Starting over, with this year’s witch’s hat, tree, and sixth anniversary cakes, lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gb410 View Post
    I try to keep it just under the 45 obstacle limit for spawning new obstacles, otherwise it’s costing me gems that I could be getting from clearing new obstacles. I used to be able to keep 4-5 of the special obstacles each, but now I can only keep 3-4 of each, so I’ve had to delete some.
    I hadnt seen new obstacles spawn for quite some time. Now that I cleaned a bunch of duplicates they are spawning again.
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    I have never removed a special obstacle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jwp721 View Post
    Cut one down....never!

    This was awesome base. My base was all Trees and some special Obstacles from Events. Hehe Its worth having them in your base eh
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    I’ve kept most featured obstacles but unfortunately some of the early ones I was forced to remove as SC increased base sizes and things like the first year Christmas tree ended up interfering with base designs.

    In one account I do have a stone in a near max th11 base , that maybe a bit rare ...
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    Im still crying that i removed that golden firework last year and the first christmas three.
    ooh and i still miss that golden thingy.

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