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Thread: Facebook-staying connected

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    Facebook-staying connected

    I can not stay connected to facebook. I only have facebook because I needed it when I first started playing. I am close to a social media know-nothing.

    If some one that is fluent in facebook and hayday can help me with everything that needs to be checked or turned on/off (in as much detail as possible) or step I need to follow.... I will be eternally grateful!

    I am using a samsung tab s3, all updates current.

    I have forced stop, uninstalled, reinstalled (both hay day and facebook), cleared memory/cache. Turned the tablet all the way off between each step.

    This all started a few updates ago. I have contacted support several times... followed their directions on the force stop/uninstall etc.. they close the ticket.

    Any ideas? Thank you so much in advance!

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    My suggestion is to eliminate the need for FB altogether to avoid further frustration. You can do this by creating a SuperCell ID.

    Under General Discussions of the forum there is a thread at the top that gives step by step instructions to create a SuperCell ID for your game. Just remember when it asks for an email address to check the box “remember me on this device” in order to avoid needing to get a new verification number every time you log in.

    Your game will still be able to connect to its FB account, if you want, but will no longer be necessary.

    Basically, your game will be linked to both FB or SuperCell ID. You can use one or both at the same time.

    edited to add:
    If you create a SuperCell ID you can also start a baby farm on the same device. You would just need a separate email address for each farm.
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    I have the sc id.... ,
    So, if I click that box that says do not show this again... it won't mess anything up?

    A baby farm?! 😳 lol.... I can not wrap my head around those that mange more than 1!

    Thank you very much for the reply!

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