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Thread: War experience

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    War experience

    Hi I wish we could attack a map again and again in a different ways not all of them have a prise for us but we could earn a new experience in each attacks. I mean in many times after an attack specialy in clan wars I say I wish attack that map with a different troop but i don't know what's the result until i use that troop in same map please in the next update make this change

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    First off, you should be scouting before you attack, then create an army that you feel could win.

    If you don’t win, you aren’t allowed to try again, for more stars or loot. You lost. Period.

    Should we make this a thing with regular attacks? If you get 48%, no stars, that’s on you. You shouldn’t be allowed to try again, to get stars, trophies, or loot.

    Get good, that’s all I can say

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    Re taps in war will never happen but you can have a clan m8 make the base design and challenge it over and over untill your comfortable hitting it in war the next time you come a crossed it. We do this all the time in our clan. Helps us keep out war blades sharpened. Good luck to you bud.

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