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Thread: Level 91 looking for new (relaxed, not derby crazed) hood

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    Level 91 looking for new (relaxed, not derby crazed) hood

    I am a level 91 farmer. My long-time hood recently kind of disbanded, after many of the original players moved on from the game.

    I am not looking for a hood thatís all about the derby. I do not usually play it (of course I opt out), but do on rare occasions when Iím bored or have extra time. When I do play the derby, I complete all of my tasks, 300+, but donít spend diamonds on an extra task. I also donít enjoy being micro-managed, or rushed/hounded about my tasks. Iím a big girl, and will get them done if opted in, as I would hope others would.

    I donít do many boats, unless theyíre easy, or if theyíre puzzle or event boats. I never expect my neighbors to fill my crate (especially if the boat is asking for precious dairy/sugar/honey/jam items) and always place an ad so randoms can fill my crates if I have them flagged.

    I donít typically ask for help via the mailbox, or for trucks or in the town. I just trash the trucks/send away the townies I donít want.

    I am happy to help my neighbors when Iím able, and always say thank you when they help me.

    Iím otherwise not very chatty, because my iPad keyboard is wonky, but I donít mind chatty hoods as long as theyíre not offended if Iím quiet.

    Iím in the USA on the east coast. I usually play at least some daily, and some days I play a lot. There are also times I donít log on for a few days, because I have a life outside of the game.

    If I sound like a good fit for you, let me know!

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    Hi - we are pretty much exactly as you desire. We do derby if we want, we do towns, not demanding. Some of us are chatty some are not at all. We are helpful, polite and friendly. If you are interested, let me know. We are Let’s Farm #8Q9Q2PR9.

    Hope to see you!

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    Hi Dobby...if you are still searching, you are welcome to check us out at Ladies of Leisure Apr 19, tag #Y02LP98C. We do have a recruitment thread under that name in the “neighborhood recruitment “ for more information. We are stress free, friend,y, helpful, casual, active or no chat is acceptable. Take any task you want under 250 pt, but, we usually take 320 pt tasks and diamond task is optional. We just play not to always be in the top 3. We do expect all members to complete all their tasks if planning to partition the derby.

    So feel free to check us out. Otherwise, good luck in searching for a compatible hood.

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