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    api token

    Please tell me briefly what is the reason of adding API Token in clash of clans.
    And what will be its use in game.

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    It's used so that you can prove you own an account to external sites.

    For example when registering for the online ESL qualifiers which lead to the Poland offline comp I think you have to give your player tag (which anyone can see) AND the API token (which only you can see). Their software can then verify that the two match
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    Unfortunately, this token is reserved to VIP developer ...
    Normal API users doesn't access to this token.

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    My account name bartan has Locked pls tell me how find them unlock code
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    I saw this API token in my settings menu. What is it used for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nanobo View Post
    I saw this API token in my settings menu. What is it used for?
    The second post in this thread has the answer to your question.

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