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Thread: Th9 and below no longer in high level clans???

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    Th9 and below no longer in high level clans???

    Iím noticing a lot of the more competitive high level clans have nothing but th12,11 and 10s.. are th9s and below now being overlooked?

    For as long as Iíve played the game I have always noticed that th9s and below were usually the troublemakers in clans, and on top of that it was the level where most folks quit the game... is the key to building a successful clan today not having anything lower than a th10?

    A buddy of mine said that if a th9 can show commitment to player progression then he might, just might let one in lol... but he said for the most part the key to having a good clan was to have the highest level thís possible.

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    It all depends on the leadership and their view on the game, doesn't it? ... In our clans they most certainly are not overlooked.

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    From my experience, most war focused clans don't do more then a 3 level th spread for wars, hence the diminished number of th9 in some clans.
    And just like someone's age, town hall level has nothing to do with being branded a trouble maker, its the person behind the account that is.
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    As others have pointed out, TH9 is just outside of the 3-level spread that high-level clans bring into war (TH10-12). I do see your point that TH9 is also where the "grind" starts to become real in CoC so I guess there may be a surplus of sub-par players at TH9, but this isn't a criteria used by my clan in accepting new members. Wouldn't be surprised if some clans do it that way though.

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    Theres plenty out there that take th9s still. Just depends on the clan really. Theres a lot of new players starting that is looking to join high lvl clans starting off.

    I like to help people grow so we are always taking in any th lvl. I even have a maxed base at th5-9 so up and coming player have bases they can FC with.

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    Certainly in global chat there is a lot of call for TH10 plus
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    Th9s can't deliver maxed troops in Level 10 clans anymore and th9 isn't what it once was.

    th9 is suppose to be pretty quickly maxed these days, so maybe people simply move on and up?

    Was th8s part of high lvl clans before th12 was introduced? Th8 was just a transit zone back then, just as th9 is, now.

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    TH8 and TH9 are so easy to 3*.
    Usually wars are decided by top bases.
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    TH10 is the new TH7.

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    There is a bit of a pecking order. The top clans can certainly demand th10+ or even just th12. In my clan we have decided to be th9+. It's rather easy to get to th9 quickly nowadays. So with th9s we are getting newer players to the game. We have the opportunity to teach them basics of attacking and see if they will be good clan mates without bringing on a heavy base in war. If they don't show up or can't attack well it's easier to cover. Over time we develop loyalty with the th9s that stay.

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