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Thread: Repetitive tasks in this week's Mystery Derby

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    Us too. We’re only 2 in our NH and we usually manage to be in the top five. Suits us because we really only play for the horseshoe prizes as the top 3 “prizes” are really not worth the effort! If we win a cup, great. If we don’t, well never mind. However, this derby has been just TERRIBLE. My first task was 9 Locals and how many did I have in my town? That’s right. None. Only 1 showed up with two trainloads of 14/train and it took forever (and lots of diamonds ) to get my nine. Finished that task and what did I get next? 9 more Locals. That had to be ditched obviously. My sister got fishing three times in a row and altogether we ditched 4 tasks between us (something we never do). Relegation this week now because we stumbled home in 14th place!
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