Hi all,

The Trunckanauts was once a prosperous and well-structured clan with many solid and active members. However due to a long period of inactivity from many people, it has become a bang average clan with inactive, poorly disciplined was attackers and members.

We are looking for people who want to help us rebuild as we still have many of the core leaders at the clan (many th10s).

We war all the time, and we have one th12 member who donates drive machines.
The core leadership team is incredibly active, and donations are often quickly filled by them (but not too many other members).

If you are interested in joining as a member, great! We let pretty much anyone in above th7..

If you're looking to help us rebuild and help lead the clan, please PM me separately!

P.s. (remember the K in Trunckanauts Trunc k anauts)

Kind regards,


Clan details:


^ not sure if that worked, just in case it didn't:

Trunckanauts (lv11)


218 war wins, currently on 4 streak
Clan war league: Gold II

37/50 members
22007 trophies total

Clan location: UK

Again, thanks for reading and hopefully see you in Trunckanauts