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Thread: What army to attack this base?

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    What army to attack this base?

    I was thinking a queen charge or entry with wall wrecker and heroes/kill squad following behind to take enemy AQ, cc troops, inferno and Eagle, but I canít thinking of what other troops to go with.

    I have lvl 40 BK, 47 AQ, 18 GW and max th11 troops.

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    If it was me, I see lots of TH10 defenses, air defenses covering only half the base and sweepers basically facing the same way. I'd go Edrags, slammer with loons. Start at top right and funnel your way down. There really isnt anything in the first half of that base that would even take down 1 edrag so you could probably save most of your spells until you get near the eagle, then rage the entire middle. I'd also save my king and queen for cleanup after i've cored out that middle.

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